Civil Litigation

Unraveling the most challenging disputes facing individuals and their families.

Civil Litigation is a broad category that involves matters outside of criminal cases. This means that civil litigators seek a verdict or settlement in monetary compensation or a declaration of rights rather than penalties or sentences.

Cade Law Group has built a solid reputation within the Wisconsin legal system handling various civil litigation cases in state and federal courts. Using a team approach, our attorneys and staff work together to unravel even the most challenging disputes facing individuals and their families.

Winning Success

Trial does not scare us at Cade Law Group – we aim to win and will include you throughout the entire process. With decades of experience at the state and federal levels, Cade Law Group has developed a keen sense of how to adapt to our clients’ goals. In addition to handling a variety of practice areas, the lawyers at Cade Law Group are willing to challenge unfavorable rulings through our ongoing practice of appellate work.

Regardless of your case type, Cade Law Group brings the same focus, strategic approach, and meticulous attention to each case. And despite our success at trial, many clients are simply hoping for a satisfactory result. We aim to represent you in the most efficient, cost-effective way while meeting your needs.