Success Stories

Achieving results for our clients.

Jerpaul Spencer

In July 2022, Cade Law Group represented Jerpaul Spencer who was illegally searched and seized by Milwaukee police officers in violation of his Fourth Amendment rights. Mr. Spencer was subjected to illegal strip and body cavity searches by a Milwaukee police officer who was notoriously known for his improper techniques. Mr. Spencer was awarded $386,000 for the wrongful conduct he endured.

Crafton Moore

Cade Law Group represented Crafton Moore who was denied insurance coverage by State Farm for a house fire. Mr. Moore had obtained a Rental Dwelling Policy with State Farm for this rental property. At the time of the fire, the property was vacant as Mr. Moore was in the process of repairing damage caused by a recently evicted tenant. State Farm did not believe the fire was accidental and instead alleged that Mr. Moore made false representations for the purpose of obtaining insurance benefits. Cade Law Group attorneys sued on Mr. Moore’s behalf for breach of an insurance contract and bad faith.

To add insult to injury, the pre-trial settlement offer from State Farm was $13,000. After the jury verdict, the court ordered a second phase of the case to consider legal fees and punitive damages for State Farm’s bad faith. Ultimately, the case settled for an amount that included legal fees and bad faith monies.

Nonetheless, a federal jury was persuaded that Mr. Moore deserved coverage and awarded him over $163,000 in damages.

Christopher Davis

Christopher Davis, 21, was shot and killed by a Walworth County sheriff’s deputy during a drug bust gone wrong. Davis’ mother, Doretha Lock, brought a lawsuit against several defendants in 2018 for a violation of Davis’ civil rights.

The defendants claimed that the Walworth County deputy who shot Davis was protected by qualified immunity – a doctrine that insulates officers from liability unless it is shown that their conduct violated someone’s clearly established constitutional rights. United States District Judge J.P Stadtmueller denied the Deputy’s claim for qualified immunity a few weeks before the trial was to begin. Defendants appealed that decision to the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals, and Cade Law Group fought to ensure the trial court’s decision was affirmed on appeal.

The Seventh Circuit’s decision to affirm the denial of qualified immunity led to a nearly $2 million dollar settlement in honor of Davis’ life.

Jimmy Harris

Cade Law Group stepped in to represent Jimmy Harris, who suffered significant injuries at the hands of Milwaukee police officers. Mr. Harris’ lawsuit included allegations that he was unlawfully arrested, that the officers used excessive force in making an arrest and conducted an illegal search and seizure. His injuries stemmed from an officer’s misinformed and biased belief that Mr. Harris stole a vehicle based on the color of his car. Despite pleading with the officer that he did not steal his own vehicle and that he just endured shoulder surgery, Mr. Harris was handcuffed without due care.

In early March of 2020, a federal jury awarded more than $1.67 million dollars in favor of Mr. Harris. Subsequently, the City of Milwaukee consented on the legal fees, bringing the total award to $1.945 million. This award not only included compensatory damages, but the jury awarded punitive damages as well. Punitive damages are meant to deter future, similar conduct.