Annalisa Pusick


Annalisa’s practice focuses on all aspects of civil litigation, with an emphasis on civil rights, employment law, appellate practice, and probate. Annalisa supports a wide range of clients at the state and federal level, with clients in Wisconsin and Illinois.

Serving underrepresented communities is a task that Annalisa does not take lightly. She has devoted her career to protecting civil liberties of those victimized by police or corrections officers, harmed through excessive force, or have otherwise faced unconstitutional conduct. Tackling systemic issues is a complex undertaking. However, Annalisa continues to push the boundaries of what typical representation looks like and ensures that your voice is heard.

Additionally, Annalisa works with individuals discriminated against by employers based on race, sex, disability, age, sexual orientation, or other protected statuses. Ensuring every worker is treated with dignity and respect in the workplace is essential to Annalisa’s practice.

When it comes to advocacy, Annalisa does not shy away from a challenge; nearly every goal is attainable with persistence and determination. Whether your objective is to take your case to a trial or mediate quietly, Annalisa is in your corner and will work to meet your needs.