WI DOC Tablet Program Class Action

Since 2018, prisoners in Wisconsin have had the ability to purchase a tablet for entertainment purposes by purchasing music, movies, games, and books for personal use. The Wisconsin Department of Corrections has rolled out a new tablet system for those currently incarcerated, starting in 2024.

There are concerns, however, that the new system will strip prisoners of the downloadable content purchased over the years. Many prisoners have spent thousands of dollars creating a library of entertainment that they were promised they would always own. While the DOC itself has realized tens of thousands of dollars in commissions on sales of tablets, officials have also acknowledged that the loss of purchased content was likely.

The new tablet system will require prisoners to purchase an entirely new tablet, which is suggested to offer new functions such as making personal phone calls, issuing medical and other requests, and visiting the law library, but will also require prisoners to abandon their previously purchased content for a subscription-based service. A service that DOC will certainly benefit from.

If you or a family member have been impacted by DOC’s transition to a new tablet system, please fill out this form.

See the article below to learn more about the DOC’s plan and the class action lawsuit filed by Cade Law Group: